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Let’s Creaid

About Let’s Creaid:

Let’s Creaid helps companies and organizations to reach their HR goals through community programs. In its company-specific “community concepts” developed for HR goals such as Learning & Development, Culture, Team Building, Engagement and Soft Skills, employees are in the lead. This way, all parties, employees, employers and society benefit and flourish. We call it: Create the Plus because it’s a win-win-win scenario.

Let’s Creaid helps you with the development of your company-specific program and setting up your internal communication. You’ll find that with our templates, tools and steps, online monitoring and reports, setting up a community project within your company will be the easiest thing on your to-do list. Any project will have a high impact on organizations and catapult your organization to a whole new level.

Let’s Creaid makes companies flourish (again).

About the workshop

Are you being served?
How to combine work, purpose and eagerness?

You spend a large part of your life working. Besides the primary reasons that work pays the bills, work should also help you as a person; help you develop yourself both professionally and personally, work should give you a reason to get up every morning and work should challenge you. But what do we still see behind the walls of big corporations? Get your work done (and even more), follow the rules and avoid any risks. But what if you are young, eager and impatient? And you want to work for an international corporation?

In this workshop Let’s Creaid will show you the enormous power of company-specific community projects to help you develop yourself, build a team among your own department but also within the company itself and how you and your social peers can connect to your employer. In the interactive workshop you’ll learn how to present your community project to your employer and what the value is to you, the employer and society.

Together we’ll discuss the following topics:

  • personal goals vs organizational goals
  • different types of community projects and where to find them
  • writing and presenting a business case

After the plenary session, the participants will work in small groups on their own business case and present it to the group.

All participants are asked to bring a photo of something that tells their passion and/or lights your fire.